The Indonesian National Police has limited capability in carrying out the main police task as law enforcer alone. The Indonesian National Police, in 30 December 1980, founded the Indonesia Security Personnel (Lembaga Satuan Pengaman), which acts as support system to maintain security and order inside area of business company/offices/private institutions, and also as a support system to uphold the law and security awareness for the police. All of these arrangements for Indonesian Security Personnel are mentioned in Decree of Head of Indonesian Police No. Pol.: SKEP/125/XII/1980.

However, level of security threats has increased following the growth of Indonesian economic improvement and business condition. Crimes occurred with varied modes and offenders equipped themselves with hi-tech equipment’s. There was an increasing demand of professional security company then, in order to keep the business owners focused on their main business sector.

In 1999, the Indonesian Police issued a decree No. for professional security outsourcing companies to run their business in Indonesia. Outsourcing security service will reduce security threats like labor strike and other internal security threat caused by discharged employees, business disputes, employee theft, and other security threats.

PT. PRASTYA ASWANDA MANGGALA (PAM Services ™) is founded in 2010 and runs the service throughout Indonesia, based on the renewal license from the Indonesian National Police No.: SI/4243/XI/2004 on PAM Services as a Security Service Company; No.: SI/4244/XI/2004 on application of security devices by PAM Services; No.: SI/4245/XI/2004 on PAM Services as a Security Consultant; No.: SI/4246/XI/2004 on PAM Services as security training and education institution; and a Decree No.: 93/2/8-04 by the Directorate General of Sea Transportation of Ministry of Transportation, on PAM Services as a Recognized Security Organization.